Spiritual Avalanche

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Imagine yourself in the mountains, curled up by the fire while the snow falls outside the window. But what happens when the snow just keeps falling, creating the dangerous threat of an avalanche?

Those who heed the warnings are saved, but those who fail to listen are caught in a deadly trap.

God gave Steve Hill just such a warning. In Spiritual Avalanche he recalls in vivid detail the stunning vision of an avalanche he received from God. The snow in his vision represents the false teachings that are steadily covering the solid foundational truth of Christ:

  • Universalism
  • The overemphasis of the prosperity gospel
  • Hyper-grace, or grace as a license to sin
  • The deification or worship of man
  • Challenges to the authority of the Bible
  • Disbelief in hell and the judgments of God

These threats have already resulted in avalanches that have destroyed the spiritual lives of many. If not stopped, this number could reach into the millions. It is time to step in and fight—to open our mouths and tear down these foolish teachings, leaving a foundation of solid, biblical instruction that will save the lost, heal the sick, and strengthen Christians to do the true work of the ministry.

What others are saying:

"This vision shows what we must do to restore life to dying saints. It is time for us to take a stand. If we don't, we will be eternally ashamed for our cowardly response in the midst of this godless onslaught that threatens the eternity of millions."   ––Perry Stone, Founder, Voice of Evangelism

"A message deserving our ready welcome as a 'word' from the heart of God!"  ––Jack Hayford, Chancellor, The King's University

"This heavenly warning will give you the ability to dodge the maze of deception that is flooding the church." ––Sid Roth, Host, It's Supernatural

"Steve Hill is once again calling the nation to tremble and return to the God of our fathers."  ––Lou Engle, Founder, TheCall

"This could be one of the most important books of the decade." ––Dr. Michael L. Brown, PhD and Author

"It is as though God has sovereignly brought Steve back from the jaws of death to once again deliver a solemn warning." ––John Kilpatrick, Founder and Senior Pastor, Church of His Presence.

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