Devil, You're Under My Feet


A vital resource for anyone who has ever felt Satan try to wield his power, Devil, You’re Under My Feet will inspire and strengthen you for victory.

Steve Hill’s powerful message on DVD gives godly weapons to defeat every attack the devil brings on your life. From conflict in the workplace to tension in your marriage, you can counter Satan’s assaults with the power of the Holy Spirit!

If the devil has been chasing you down and you are huddling in fear, you’re about to turn the tables on him:

  • Instead of being cast down, you’ll be casting him down…
  • Instead of fleeing from the devil, he’ll be fleeing from you…
  • Instead of him terrorizing you, you’ll be making him tremble!

Jesus secured mankind’s victory over Satan when He died on the cross and rose from the dead. When we repent before God and accept Christ into our hearts, we share in that victory!

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