Sober Up!


Our nation wouldn’t be in the condition we’re in if the church was white-hot, on-fire, in-love with Jesus. Yet from the pulpit to the pew, many who name the name of Christ have allowed complacency and compromise to dull their spiritual senses, not realizing how far they’ve drifted from the Lord.

You must sober up to the fact that the devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom He may devour. He has someone, or something custom-made, designed to pull you down. Someone who is spiritually sober understands the seriousness of that first sip of sin!

Can Jesus depend upon you in this crucial hour? Or have you become spiritually tipsy about the things of God? One thing is for sure. Jesus is returning for a Bride who’s ready and waiting for His return. Determine to live soberly and you’ll be ready.

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