Stiff-Necked People


A Revival Classic favorite now available for the first time on DVD.

Are you stiff-necked? Most would quickly answer, “No!” But what does God have to say? Stiff-necked people are often referred to in the Bible as stubborn.

Countless people stiffen their necks concerning redemption, but there’s only one way to heaven: through the shed blood of Jesus. Others stiffen their necks concerning sin, thinking that

God will wink and look the other way at their wrongdoing. Others stiffen their necks concerning the dealings of God. They call Him Lord, yet they don’t obey Him.

How do you respond to God and His dealings? Do you ignore or rationalize? Do you get offended or angry? Do you procrastinate and make excuses?

This revival classic message by Steve Hill will convict and challenge you. If you’re stiff-necked, you might receive a life-changing, spiritual chiropractic adjustment as you listen!

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